SAHAA is the tasteful amalgamation of our passion and skills. Established in 2017, SAHAA reinstates that good design is THE base for all things that try to reach perfection. This eager pursuit of bold design ideas, doubled with the urge to craft the same is the seed that we nurture at SAHAA.

The horizon is but a mere line. At SAHAA, we look beyond it.


SAHAA is driven by a team of highly motivated professionals with an experience of over 15 years in the field of design. The platter of beautiful things from SAHAA comes from architects/ designers and this has reinforced further refinement of products created by them.

In our journey as designers, we have been lucky to have come across people with extremely diverse sensibilties, weaving interesting stories; simple people who engage in profound work and also people who prove work is indeed worship. All of them and many more belong to our tribe, the tribe that is driven by passion to create masterpieces and also the one that recognises and appreciates THAT passion.


At SAHAA, we believe following the basic principles of design can make a lot of difference to the final product. We have observed in these times that the urge to be different has defeated the urge to make truly beautiful products. At SAHAA, we take basics of design very seriously! The end product in your hands is the result of a lot of refined design processes and master craftsmanship.

Details are our strengths and to a small extent our weakness too, considering the amount of time we invest to achieve them! These are seen starting from our products and ending with the packing material and bags that were thoroughly researched for their green quotient as well!

"Sahaa in a sentence is a brand that would curate as well as create handmade products with materials sourced from all over the world. The ultimate vision is simply that SAHAA would be synonymous with handmade products across the globe.

SAHAA is not just a brand; it’s an experience that brings together the joy of colour, texture and purity. It brings to you the essence, passion and diversity of the hands that made a Sahaa product. Whether it is a home brand or curated product it gives you the joy of holding on to a vibration of the Earth.

Sahaa is a brand for all things handmade that would be brought on to the world platform."



Lakshmi studied architecture from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. Securing a high rank in Architecture, Bangalore University, she worked for renowned architects in Bangalore before founding Aarabhi Architects and Interior designers, a firm dedicated to designing of high-end residences and retail projects pan India. She is also a director and design head in MindMaps Architecture and Interior Designers. Apart from this experience, she has also freelanced in Singapore on Event based projects and mentored students in interior design schools.

She is also an accomplished Barathanatyam dancer and therefore finds a deep connection between art and architecture.


A student of RVCE, Bangalore, Ravindra obtained his design acumen partly from his mechanical engineering background where he learnt to synthesize both theoretical & practical aspects of design. He has rich experience of starting up various companies involved in manufacturing, entertainment, exports, design, construction, his latest venture being in renewable energy sector. He is involved in many turnkey construction projects & believes that root level problem solving is the best approach to successful constructions, be it of a product, building or an idea/concept.

It is this deep-rooted passion for art and design they share, that has resulted in the origin of SAHAA.


Customer satisfaction is our utmost importance. Get in touch with us today if you have query or concern. We would be happy to assist you!

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