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Eclectic home décor range from SAHAA the crafters!

Wood has been one of the first materials known to humans that has found its utility in the making of homes, furniture, jewellery and what not. Wood has since taken several symbolic meaning in various cultures around the world but one of the common status given to wood is its association with the royalty. Well seasoned wood has been documented to have retained its strength and aesthetic qualities for centuries together. It is definitely this quality of wood that gives it the majesty it deserves!


SAHAA has been very much inspired by the majesty of wood, motivating us to attempt fusing the contemporary sensibilities with the grandeur of the past, with our design strategies to upscale and in some cases, humbly restore the beautiful, age defying pieces crafted by masters of the yore.

These pieces can act as centre tables, consoles, panels for mirrors and any other creative way you may want to use them. For example in pic A, the panel maybe used as a decorative panel below a mirror or could be used as a frame for a mirror as well.

Pic B

Pic B can be used as a conversation piece on a console or just be placed on the floor with small knickknacks like candles, keys or kerchiefs storage. Well it could also be used as a jewellery chest which is its original purpose!!

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